Auraterrae Chi siamo


Experience the authenticity of a farming village, with today's comforts; be surprised by the warmth of our people. Breathe in an unparalleled atmosphere of harmony, quiet and serenity.

A place of refuge transformed over centuries

The history of AuraTerrae has been shaped by the passage of the people who have cared for it and adapted its spaces to fit their needs over time.

From a fortified tower to a resting place for wayfarers, from a place of prayer and cultivation for monks to a farm dwelling: in constant evolution, but always a welcoming refuge. Today AuraTerrae lives a new chapter as a five-star hotel devoted to profound wellness. We have rewritten it, respecting the past and modeling it to the needs of the present to give it a bright future.

At the roots of well-being

Every corner of AuraTerrae exudes a unique energy with the flavor of authenticity -- starting with the solid ancient stone with which it was built. Among its streets, you will breathe in its history, live as in a village of the past, feel the power of the natural elements.

Here, you can rediscover yourself, take care of your spirit and regenerate, find your balance and achieve absolute inner peace.

Every corner of AuraTerrae exudes a unique energy with the flavor of authenticity At the roots of well-being
Masseria Auraterrae

Tailor-made hospitality

Ospitalità su misura Ospitalità su misura

It is natural for us to welcome you as a friend, in your uniqueness and with your specific needs. Our staff is made up of local, qualified and professional people, ready to fulfill your wishes, to offer you an unforgettable vacation of pure well-being.

We will guide you on a discovery of the experiences you can have in Masseria and those that will accompany you as you learn about the treasures of Puglia, its culture and traditions.