Masseria Auraterrae

The beginning of a soulful journey

In the heart of Puglia

Auraterrae panoramas of the sea and countryside

Where the scent of the Mediterranean mingles among olive trees, vegetable gardens and vineyards. Just moments from Polignano a Mare, our luxury heaven offers breathtaking panoramas of the sea and countryside.

A place
for the senses

Experience an authentic story

Within the ancient stone walls of a Masseria where history unfolds through the ages. Once a shelter for weary travelers and a humble farming village, it has evolved to a sublime five-star retreat devoted to the pursuit of holistic well-being and soulful rejuvenation.

Time travel

In an ancient farming village

Room Masseria Auraterrae

Indulge in a selection of 22 distinctive historical rooms designed to cater to your preferences. Unveil a tapestry of uniqueness and bespoke features: 6 feature a Turkish bath, 3 adorned with a charming fireplace and 4 boasting an outdoor tub. Crafted with natural materials, in an essential and elegant style, every room is thoughtfully furnished to provide the utmost comfort and convenience.


Taste traditional flavors We use only locally sourced Apulian ingredients

Taste traditional flavors

We use only locally sourced Apulian ingredients: fresh, genuine and prepared honoring the rhythm of the seasons. From breakfast to dinner, savor a sustainable authentic cuisine that celebrates our culinary traditions.

Where flavor meets emotion

/Explore must-see places

Our land abounds with renowned treasures and hidden gems, waiting to be discovered.
Situated at the gateway to the Itria Valley, Auraterrae is the perfect starting point to delve into the rich cultural heritage of Puglia. Immerse yourself in unforgettable moments during your stay, as you uncover the region’s treasures.

Awaken the senses

In this tranquil sanctuary, surrender to relaxation and rejuvenation. Relish in the joy of slow living, as you find inner balance and harmony immersed in nature.

Masseria Auraterrae Esperienze

Embrace the marvels

/ Return to the roots of wellness

Dove siamo

Masseria Auraterrae dove siamo

From the airport, take the State Highway 16 towards Brindisi/Taranto/Bari Centro. Continue for about 45 km until you reach the Polignano a Mare/Conversano exit. Get on the SP121 Conversano-Polignano and continue for 2.5 km. Turn right for Masseria Auraterrae where you will see appropriate road signs and continue on Viale Maringelli for another 2.5 km.